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The Versatile Expanding Dining Table


"Set the Scene".

One of the most important elements in a dining room is the table. While it serves a practical purpose, it also plays a significant role in the overall design of the space. Choosing a modern and stylish option, such as a marble or glass dining table, can make a bold statement and add an element of luxury to the room. If you frequently host gatherings, consider an extendable dining table which can easily accommodate more guests without sacrificing style. A 6-8 seater dining table is also a great choice for those who enjoy entertaining friends and family.

The Argenta extending table and chairs is an example of a modern and elegant set offering a comfortable dining experience for up to 6 people.


"Find a Seat".

It's crucial to ensure that your dining chairs not only look impressive but are also comfortable to sit on. For those who have a kitchen-diner setup, selecting a bar stool that contrasts with your cabinetry can create a visually appealing contrast and enhance the overall look of your space. If you prefer a more formal dining environment, you can experiment with bold chair designs to take your dining room to the next level. Consider adding a pop of colour to inject personality and bring some fun to your dining room. The Portela dining chair collection is an excellent choice for those who value comfort and style, with clean lines and soft curves that make it a perfect addition to any dining room. It comes in a variety of stunning colours and is available in both faux leather and velvet fabrics, providing endless design possibilities.

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