You should consider the following factors while buying a corner sofa:
Firstly, decide whether a left-hand or a right-hand corner sofa is suitable for your living room.
Secondly, consider the shape of your room as it will help you decide what kind of sofa will be the best fit.
Keep in mind the placement of your doors and other furniture such as coffee tables, bookshelves, side tables, and TV units.
Don't block any entryways with your sofa and allow ample space for airflow.
Position your sofa near sources of natural light or keep adequate space for artificial light from lamps. You can also consider a modular corner sofa as it is customizable according to your needs and space requirements.
In terms of placement, you can place a corner sofa in the middle of the room if you have an open-plan living room or a large one or push it into the corner of the room to create a classic L-shape or stretch it across a bay window.
Styling a corner sofa can be done by adding a matching chair for a complete look and arranging the seating to face the sofa while leaving room for passageways and airflow. A complimentary coffee table can be added within the boundary of the sofa's edges, while a rug can add depth to the seating arrangement. A footstool can also be added for a homely feel and multi-functionality.
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